The acupuncture meridians are often thought of as Chinese medicine’s interpretation of the nervous system.  But in terms of how they function, it is easiest to think of them together as the body's electrical grid.  Each meridian is like a powerline that carries “Qi” to a different part of the body, at some point connecting with all your organs.  Translated, Qi refers to your vital energy and if you have enough Qi relative to your needs and it is able to travel freely where it needs to go, then problems should not develop.  If you become sick or injured, your body’s natural self-healing mechanism should respond by sending Qi where it is needed to repair the damage and restore balance or homeostasis to your entire system.  

Since acupuncture creates an almost immediate healing effect in most patients, its strength lies in providing natural relief of symptoms while balancing the body on a deeper level.  Our treatments are individually tailored offering gentle technique for the timid and those new to acupuncture, as well as strong manipulation and trigger-point release for the most stubborn cases.

・Treatment Without Needles・

Although a treatment program is most effective when it includes all three primary healing techniques used at our clinic, we understand that needles are not appropriate for everyone.  During your assessment, we can discuss treatment options with or without acupuncture.   While we can recommend a plan using herbal medicine and nutritional therapy as an alternative to needles, we feel they are integral to any complete healing process.

This is why...


At our clinic, we believe that there are only three (3) internal causes of illness or dysfunction in the body.  While every patient comes to us with his or her unique set of symptoms, at the core of these manifestations is at least one or more of these causes interfering with the healing process. 


(1) There is too much of what should not be there.  In Chinese medicine, we call this "excess."  This refers to stuff you don't want collecting in your body.  It includes toxic energy as well as accumulated environmental toxins and waste product that has not been properly eliminated. 


(2) There is not enough of what should be there.  We call this "deficiency."  This refers to insufficient energy circulating through the pathways of the body.  It is synonymous with a shortage of the essential nutrients required for proper energy production.


(3) What is there is not getting where it needs to go.  We call this "stagnation."  This is an inefficient flow or lack of movement in the circulatory system.  It also refers to dysregulation of the body's communication pathways, including the acupuncture meridians and the autonomic nervous system.  


While acupuncture can address all three causes of illness, it works with what is already in the body. Therefore, it promotes the healing process primarily by restoring proper energetic flow in the meridians. While this healing technique is essential and very effective on its own, particularly for musculoskeletal issues, there are other methods that can match or enhance its effects.  Combining energy and chemistry, herbal medicine and nutritional therapy together create a potent therapeutic synergy.  

・Herbal Medicine・

Although many acupuncturists may disagree, herbal medicine can have healing effects even more powerful than acupuncture.  This is because when herbs are taken orally or topically, they enter the bloodstream to produce systemic changes in the body on a cellular as well as energetic level. Acupuncture can certainly affect cellular function, but its strength lies in working energetically with your meridians and with what already exists in your body.  


Herbal medicine is after all, medicine. a physical substance prepared with the purpose of being added to your system to create a desired effect.  Many traditional herbs are the origin of modern medication, but rather than adding synthetic substances to their natural chemistry, herbal medicine combines individual herbs into formulas to enhance their energetic actions and provide healing power with little to no side effects.

Herbs themselves are generally parts of plants, animals, or minerals, often dried, preserved or prepared for specific uses.  Some herbs are tonics, which strengthen.  Others can warm or cool to regulate your temperature.  Some promote circulation, while others reduce it.  There are herbs that detoxify and herbs that fight bacteria and viruses.  The list goes on and on...

The unique formulations used in our clinic are inspired by ancient wisdom but created for modern conditions.  They are designed to support the body's foundation and energetic function systemically.

・Nutritional Therapy・

If your body is deficient in essential nutrients, acupuncture and herbal medicine can support proper digestive function but will unlikely replace all of those nutrients.  A proper diet is necessary for complete healing to occur and nutritional supplements provide the vitamins and minerals that are unavailable from your diet, as well as those that enhance absorption.  Even with the best eating habits, if your digestion is off, your body may not be assimilating nutrients and require the support of specific substances.  Furthermore, if your body has accumulated too many toxins, acupuncture and herbal medicine can encourage the processes that eliminate waste. However, targeted supplements can provide the substances necessary for proper detoxification to occur.

Poor nutrition, absorption, and elimination hinder the ability of your cells to function optimally and repair themselves properly.  With nutritional supplements,  the normal processes in your body are promoted rather than forced to accelerate your healing gently and naturally. 

While herbal medicine primarily heals by supplementing your body energetically, nutritional therapy augments your body's chemistry.  As a form of clinical nutrition, this method of healing is focused on getting nutrients properly digested, absorbed, transported, metabolized, stored, and eliminated by your system. In order to function efficiently, your body relies on essential nutrients that it must get from your diet since it cannot produce these vitamins and minerals on its own.  These nutrients are key players in your body's production of chemicals such as neurotransmitters and hormones.  These chemicals are important because they communicate with your cells to initiate processes vital to your health and survival.  When your body is not healing as it should, those vital processes are most likely not being properly initiated and malnutrition or malabsorption may be an issue.  


・Long Distance Consultation & Treatment・

If you would like to begin a treatment program with us but either do not live in the area or cannot make the trip, we offer long distance consultations via telephone, e-mail, or Zoom or Google Hangouts. 


After a complete evaluation and assessment, we will recommend an herbal medicine and nutritional therapy plan customized to your needs.  Your program kit will arrive in the mail and include an initial supply of prescribed herbal and nutritional supplements along with detailed instructions.  Our long distance program offers a time-saving and cost-effective solution to healing naturally.  It is very successful when followed in compliance with our recommendations.  Please contact us for more information.     

・Yintang Therapeutics

Our herbal medicine and nutritional healing programs are uniquely designed to work together using Yintang Therapeutics, a local product line created by Dr. Ken Andes, L.Ac., a doctor of acupuncture and herbal medicine who has dedicated over 20 years of rigorous research into formulating proprietary herbal and nutritional supplement blends.  The herbal tinctures contain only the finest quality herbs and are hand-crafted in small batches with rigorous manufacturing standards applied at each stage of production.  The nutritional blends are made using only premium sources of vitamins and minerals in formulations that allow for high absorption and bioavailability. All ingredients are 100% vegetarian and GMO-free. The entire Yintang Therapeutics™ line is produced in the U.S and available only through licensed healthcare practitioners. 

Acupuncture theory is based on the simple idea that the body is one whole system that needs to be balanced in order to achieve and maintain optimal health.  It is similar to the concept of homeostasis, but goes further to encompass the physical, mental,  and emotional aspects of the body.   Although what constitutes balance may be slightly different for each person, every body is intuitive with the natural capability to regulate and heal itself.  In other words, if all internal systems are working together properly, any problems that arise should automatically fix themselves.




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