Our approach towards any condition stems from the belief that nature can tell us everything we need to know about the body.  As part of the natural world, our bodies are designed for survival and have the innate capacity to repair themselves.  If provided with the appropriate stimulation and an ideal environment, its instinct will always be to move towards health, or balance.  Any physical, mental, or emotional symptom is the result of a disruption to that balance.


Since it's the body that is not working properly, we don't assume that solely treating symptoms will produce any lasting results.  While we are here to help you feel better, our efforts are centered on restoring proper function to activate and support your body’s natural self-repairing mechanism. Extremely rare exceptions aside, this response can be triggered through strictly natural means including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutritional therapy. These are the primary healing techniques used in our clinic. 


Because we focus on the body and not the disease or diagnosis, our methods can correct the imbalances which cause almost any state of illness.  While we recognize that patients come to us seeking remedy for specific health complaints, our experience has led us to believe that if you treat the cause (imbalance), symptoms will more rapidly, thoroughly, and naturally resolve. 


At our clinic, we have found that the fastest and most effective route to true healing requires regular treatment in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.  Significant improvement of most chronic conditions are expected within 6-9 visits.  As part of your treatment plan, we will also encourage you to take charge of your health by providing recommendations on how to support your healing beyond our office doors.


  • Licensed Acupuncturist (NY/NJ)

  • Nationally Board-certified in Acupuncture (NCCAOM)

  • Nationally Board-certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine (NCCAOM)

  • Clean Needle Technique Certified (CCAOM)

  • Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine), Valedictorian

  • Received over 3,500 hours (both clinical and academic), over a period of four years, training in acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and pathology

  • Completed acupuncture internships at NYU Langone's Initiative for Women with Disabilities, Beth Israel Cancer Center's Integrative Oncology Department, and Lutheran Medical Center's Neurological Rehabilitation Unit in Brooklyn, NY

  • Specialized training in Nutrition Response Testing, Applied Kinesiology, and Clinical Nutrition

How I got here...

Historically speaking, art and medicine have always played influential roles in my family.  In the Philippines, my father's family designed and manufactured shoes, while my maternal grandmother spent her retirement years studying herbs and experimenting with home remedies. I have a brother who is an illustrator and another who began with biology but finished in architecture. Meanwhile, my late father was a surgeon, as is my youngest brother.  And while my mom stayed home and took care of all of us, she also loved to do arts and crafts in her free time.


Growing up in the suburbs of NYC during the 80's & 90's, I was mostly influenced by the alternative art and music of my generation.  I saw fashion and design as a more viable extension of that and thought for sure that I wanted to make my living in both.  Prior to discovering this form of medicine, I earned my BFA in textile design from the Fashion Institute of Technology.  I soon learned that the art and design of fashion was not quite the same as the business of it.  


While working (not very happily or healthily) for over a decade in the fashion industry, I developed a condition known as spasmodic dysphonia, a rare neurological disorder causing involuntary vocal spasms. My strained voice created a mountain of growing problems physically, mentally, personally, and professionally. I developed allergies and respiratory issues on top of eczema, anxiety, and insomnia.   After years of disappointment with conventional treatment and no cure in sight, I decided to try acupuncture as a last resort. In doing so, I was awakened beyond my expectations by its wholistic approach to health and well-being.  It brought my awareness to the idea that not only is everything in the body interconnected, but that good health is not something to be simply expected. Rather, it is something to be attained and maintained.  The body will take care of itself so long as you take care of it.  Just like learning to play an instrument or speak a new language, being healthy requires continued effort.  For myself at the time, most of that effort was put into recognizing that I could have control of my health and that there are others out there who can and want to help.  When my job was unexpectedly outsourced, I was blessed with the opportunity to (very happily) do something new with my life.  A commitment that began with regular acupuncture treatments led to graduate school, permanent lifestyle changes, and finally, my true voice.


As a healthcare practitioner, I believe it is my role to jumpstart the self-healing response in you and provide support through every step of your healing process.  My intentions are rooted in a sincere desire to help you discover your natural capacity to heal, achieve the quality of life you deserve, and live to your fullest potential!


I've owned and operated a private practice in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan since 2013 and in Hoboken, NJ since 2015. I've also had the privilege of studying with Dr. Ken Andes, L.Ac, Medical Qigong healer, and founder of Yintang Therapeutics™.  His generosity and dedication to improving this form of medicine has helped to shape my approach towards health and continues to inspire me everyday. 


Thanks for reading!

Carla L. San Diego, L.Ac.
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