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Throughout the history of China, the same naturalist perspectives that influenced academic thought informed art and medicine.  Philosophers, painters and physicians alike embraced the view of nature functioning as a whole to maintain balance and harmony with the universe.  They acknowledged man's place within the natural world and respected its ability to create as well as survive devastation, regenerating time and time again.


For over 3,000 years, Chinese medicine has drawn its understanding of the body from the relationships that create harmony within nature.  Health is viewed as the whole body in balance, while illness is the result of a disruption to that balance. If symptoms are addressed, but balance is overlooked, disease will continue to return.

Landscapes in the Manner of Old Masters (Wang Wei)


Acupuncture creates an almost immediate healing effect in most patients, providing natural symptom relief while balancing the body on a deeper level.  Our treatments are individually tailored offering gentle technique for the sensitive as well as strong manipulation and trigger-point release for the most stubborn cases.  more...

・Herbal Medicine・

Chinese herbs provide powerful medicine without the side effects. Like acupuncture, they help to regulate your body's energy or Qi. Our unique formulations are inspired by ancient wisdom but created for modern conditions. They are designed to support the body's foundation and energetic function systemically.  more...

・Nutritional Therapy・

Nutrients are essential to all the normal processes that take place in your body.  When it's not working properly, malnutrition is common and requires even the healthiest diets to get some support during the healing process. Our highly absorbable blends promote normal system function to enhance your body's healing capability.  more...


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